Suteegee is an evil clone of Weegee and he tries to carry out his plans in secret, but often fails.

Super Mario 64: Weegee's RevengeEdit

Suteegee first appears in Episode 3 of Weegee's Revenge, where he looks as short as Mario at the starting. However Later on when he arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom he is the same size as Luigi. Weegee tries to search for Russmarrs2 on the castle roof in this episode, and doesn't believe Suteegee when he warns him that there is a bomb on the roof, so the bomb Explodes and kills Weegee. Weegee goes ends up in a volcano after he dies, and he uses a moon jump to escape the volcano of death, reviving him. However, another annoying evil person,Groudon457 managed to escape the volcano after many failed tries. In Episode 5, Mario and Russmarrs2 fight and defeat Groudon457, and show up at the castle where Weegee and Suteegee are waiting, creepily. Weegee and Suteegee do evil laughs and say that Mario and Russmarrs2 will not be able to fight the Weegees that he called to come to the Mushroom Kingdom. Suteegee is not in episode 6 or 7, but that is because he went to an unknown location in an attempt to carry out Weegee's plans, without Mario or his friends knowing, but in Episode 8 of Weegee's revenge, Many Mario 64 modders heard about attacks from Weegee and Suteegee, and decided it was best to find and stop Suteegee. Then, surprisingly, tons of Mario 64 youtubers showed up at Suteegee's hideout, and begun the very short war, The Battle of Suteegee's Hideout which ended after alot of Mario 64 modders found and attacked Suteegee, forcing him to retreat to another secret hideout.